August 20, 2017 3 min read

Many sleepless nights and a complete overdose of caffeine - finally my little dream came true! Unhinged launched itself to family and friends on April the 1st, 2017. Yes, it is on April Fools' Day but given the brand name and my chaotic life — it was the perfect date to unveil my creations!

I chosen the beautiful Comber Studio in Paddington, Sydney to host the show and it was a great choice. Beautiful natural light and aged out wooden floor provided a beautiful backdrop to the show.

My biggest stars of the day are my little models. All were children of very close friends and never modelled before; it wasn't an issue at all as they shined so bright on the day. I am very blessed to have such beautiful friends who trusted me with their model worthy kids and want to shower a huge thank you to these gorgeous mammas: Anita. J, Nora. E, Natasha. H, Clare. D, Megumi, Laura. K and Josephine. K  for lending me your beautiful girls on the day and for being so supportive from day one! I'm very lucky to have you all in my life.

All pics and video of the day were provided by my dear friends and I never once regret not getting professionals to do this as the support and love were evident through my friend's work. Special Thank you to Rita Henderson, Shaun Ellis, Chevy King and Iku for photography and filming on the day.

Also, a MASSIVE thank you to Natasha Hammond, a dear friend who helped me so much in getting this label launch. Natasha is a Creative Director @ Krasivaya Design and it is her talent and vast knowledge in branding and marketing that made it possible for me to push forward with my creations and leave the logo/brand designing concepts in her capable hands with such outstanding results!

To my mum and sister , my partners in crime — I wouldn't have gotten far in life had I not have you both in my life. I love you both dearly. 

Now, last but certainly not least — to my partner Jason Mercer, thank you for being the calmness amongst my storm! Your patience and support for me is what kept me going when I'm so tired. You are my life parter and my pillar of strength and I love you to the moon and beyond.

So there it is folks - my label and dream. All was inspired and created for my little girls who are my sun, my moon and in every sunrise and rainbow in my life! Hope you all like what you see and I'll keep you all updated on the next collection and join me in this crazy adventure!

Jerika xxx

P.S. I must also mentioned that one little model on the day had loved it so much that she wished to further her experience as a model and I couldn't agreed more as the camera simply loved her! Her name is Annie and you can view her in my Look Book page, wearing our Little Romance Dress, Fish Tail Skirt and our Candy Pop Dress! Please show her support if you can and you can contact me at info@unhingeddesign if you wish to have her as a Brand Representative or Brand Enthusiast and I'll pass through your request to her family. 




Unhinged Size Chart

1 1 - 2Y 54 49 56 90
2 56 51 58 92
3 3 - 4Y 58 53 60 100
4 60 55 62 108
5 5 - 6Y 62 57 64 115
6 64 59 66 120
7 7 - 8Y 66 61 68 125
8 68 63 70 130
9 9 - 10Y 70 65 72 135
10 72 67 74 140
11 11 - 12Y 74 69 76 145
12 76 71 78 150
13 13 - 14Y 78 73 80 155
14 80 75 82 160
15 15 - 14Y 82 77 84 165
16 84 79 86 170
*Bust Circumference
Measure around the fullest part of your child's chest with their arms down.
*Waist Circumference
Measure around the narrowest point of your child's natural waistline.
*Hip Circumference
Measure around the widest part of your child's natural hipline.
Wearing no shoes, measure your child from the top of their head to the ground.